White Man Jailed After Pouring Jar of Urine On Church Alter

Another angry atheist setting the bar...

Lakeville, MN - Steven Richard Fay, a 34-year-old Minnesota man, has a good right to keep an eye out for impending lighting bolts. He was jailed Saturday after he allegedly walked up to the front of a church and then dumped a jar of urine on the alter.

According to police, a service at All Saints Catholic Church was in progress when Fay stood up and approached the alter.

Investigators say Fay then turned to the parishioners, opened a jar of urine and poured the contents over the alter. A Book of Gospels and alter linens were damaged from the substance.

"I hate Christians" Fay shouted, as an off duty police officer and a church parishioner held him at bay until police could arrive.

Damage to the church's property is estimated to be around $600

Fay was booked into the Dakota County Jail on a charge of felony damage to property. His bail has been set at $20,000.

Fay has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. His next court appearance has been set for May 9.


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  • 4/14/2011 3:36 PM WhitePeopleHaveAlbinoTraits wrote:
    Ewwwwww!! LOL What the hell was he thinking as he peed in the jar? "Oh, I'm going to fix these Christians GOOD. i got some HOLY WATER for them, herpa derp derp!" LOL moron
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  • 4/16/2011 1:24 PM CJ-Canadian wrote:
    Christianity is a white man's religion
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    1. 4/21/2011 7:53 PM Kumiho86 wrote:
      That's not necessarily true. To make a long story short, there's more/stronger evidence of the earliest Christian kingdoms being in many parts of Africa than Europe. Contrary to popular belief, blacks have been one people, but at the same time multicultural/multi-religious for CENTURIES...way before whites started stepping foot into other countries (bringing diseases and death with them).
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    2. 5/21/2011 12:26 AM FreeToLobby wrote:
      Since when did Christianity become a white man's religion? Christianity has been around long before the notion of "white" was used to describe humans. Christ himself was a Middle Eastern Jew, probably more brown than pink. Christianity as a religion was practised in parts of North Africa and India long before it was heard of in Northern Europe, where there were druids engaging in human sacrifice and Vikings worshipping war gods. Why must you people constantly lie and re-write history to suit your own prejudices?
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  • 5/20/2011 8:54 PM bluntposter wrote:
    Hey, here is a novel idea. If you don't like Christians, then don't go to church.
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